And I am thankful

Tonight as I sit listening to the rain pitter patter upon the tin roofs and dusty roads outside, rain that signifies the transition from the bright, hot equatorial sun of the dry season into the ebb and flow of sun and rain that is the rainy season, and chuckle at the periodic surges of power flickering on and off, I find myself contemplating the situation that is my life these days. And I am thankful. Tonight I am sitting in an apartment the size of many living rooms, surrounded by walls of paper and glass, adorned by items I have […]


A Pioneer Woman

I feel a little like a pioneer woman in a time warp back to the 1950s lately as I cook and bake everything from scratch, hang our clothes to dry, and live on a fixed income. Many today would see these things as suffering, and, to be honest, I did too, at first. But, I’ve gradually begun to see it as a classroom where I can learn so many things I never knew or was afraid to try before. Sure, it’s a bit annoying when the power goes out (like now while I’m writing this) or the water is off, […]