Chinsapo Bible Study Photos


Every Thursday we have a Bible Study in one of the poorest areas of Lilongwe. This was the first time Lisa and I went. We walked about a third of the way. On foot you can really get a picture of the lives people live here. The surprising thing is you still find people laughing and kids playing. Its hard to translate what we see into words but hopefully these pictures will give you a better idea what is like to be here.

Kids are always interested to see us. A little wave or a thumbs up will make their day.

Sometimes they trim a tree and it comes back, sometimes its doesn’t.

Walking home.

PHOTOS: Walking Lilongwe


These are just a few images from the area that Lisa and I live. Keep in mind we live in a nice part of town. Click on any of the images to see the full size version.

This is Sir Glyn Jones Ave. in Lilongwe. 
There you see two mini-busses passing each other. It’s a miracle that they are not constantly smashing into each other. This road is usually much more busy. 

MainStreetLookingUpThis is same street
Looking up the street. People are always walking along this road, some riding, and others taking a break.

This is the same street again. 
A couple of people walking along the side of the road

Side Street

A Church Door 

This is the Church gate
It’s more welcoming than you might think. Here security is always welcome.

Small Church
Most little churches are not this quaint, I appreciate the traditional look every now and again.

Tree Roots
The only other place I’ve seen roots like this is the Amazon jungle in Ecuador.

Bike Rider

Outside the new Tea Garden just before our Tuesday staff meeting/date.

Tea Garden
Creative way to use old glass bottles