Zambia Conference 2016 in Photos

  At this years Zamcon we witnessed a great move of God. The conference theme was Fervent Prayer Availing Grace. Pastor Scibelli, along with Pastors from seven different countries shared from the word of God. The highlight being the Saturday night session which included a graduation and a message on Brokenness by Pastor Scibelli. The churches of Southern Africa also came together to recognize and honor Pastor Scibelli for serving in his 30th year in Africa. Hope to see you next year! South African Worship Team Zambian Worship Team Pastor Martin Koti Pastor Emil Conan Pastor Daniel Timofte & Zimbabwe […]


The Summer

We got to spend four months in the States this summer. Lisa and I both worked, which was a small miracle. Lisa was at University of Maryland, and the church needed IT help and I was in the right place at the right time to grab the job. It was great fun to work with Paul and Sebastien again; God used the time to richly bless me, and I’m grateful for that. A larger miracle was that we survived another year in the chicken booth with Paul Nye at the Baltimore Church convention. Imagine being in a food truck for […]

Swiss Church

Princes and Paupers

In august 2014 I traveled with a close friend to Lausanne, Switzerland and Paris, France on a company trip. This is a top 20 company in the world, which meant all expenses paid and no expenses spared.  My friend and I arrived in our Swiss hotel room and I couldn’t find the luggage rack.  I thought a luggage rack was a sign of a nice hotel room.  In my education of how the wealthy live, I found out those who can arrive in their rooms with their clothes pressed and hung in the closet, shirts folded and placed in drawers, and their shoes polished […]