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Days and Words and Hearts

These days have been filled. My home has been filled with visitors. Chairs filled with faces. The air filled with words. I listen to the words that come from the faces in the chairs, and what I hear is hearts. I think we suppose that words come only from the mouth, but they really come from the heart. Each face is a heart, and each word is entry into it. Heart faces speak words. Seeking. Hopeful. Impoverished. Broken. They don’t say these words, but it’s what their words are speaking. I don’t know what to say to such big words, but I know all […]


How to Deal with What We See

As we move about the city, whether walking or riding, we see so many things. On the way to the church there is a little pool on the side of the road. Water collects there, either by way of a broken water main or because it’s just a natural place for water to collect. It’s dirty water no matter how you look at it. Every time we pass that place we see soapy kids, still half-clothed, splashing around and bathing. We see women washing clothes, cars parked to be cleaned, plastic water bottles being rinsed out to be used again, […]


PHOTOS: Walking Lilongwe

These are just a few photos from the area that Lisa and I live. Keep in mind we live in a nice part of town. Click on any of the images to see the full size version. This is Sir Glyn Jones Ave. in Lilongwe.  There you see two mini-busses passing each other. It’s a miracle that they are not constantly smashing into each other. This road is usually much more busy.  This is same street Looking up the street. People are always walking along this road, some riding, and others taking a break. This is the same street again.  A couple […]

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Why I Missed Malawi

I had the chance to greet some people from the church and the Bible college today, and the one question I was asked over and over was, “how was your holiday?” Little do they know that home, the USA, is no holiday, but this, Malawi, is the holiday — if you like your holidays served with a side of running stomach. One thing I’ve noticed is that people here assume we are escaping from this place when we go home, but that’s not the case at all. Both places have difficulties. The challenge in any place is what you do […]


The Simple Life of a Missionary

Who knew missionary life would be so easy and so difficult at the same time? It’s the personal challenge of living in a foreign place and dealing with very different people, but in that place and with those people we are doing something so easy, we are making friends. Well, it was our last Sunday in Malawi, for 2015. Everyone thoughtfully greeted us and wished us safe travels. We have an amazing church. To think that just nine months ago we did not know a single Malawian person, and today we know so many; and greater than that, we now […]

Lisa and ladies

What is a missionary, and am I one?

As I sat with a few ladies in the home of one of the women in our church, laughing and crying and sharing life, I couldn’t help but pause in the midst of it to observe the scene before me. We sat in an 8’x8’x8’ “living room” with white walls, long past their pristine beginning, in red upholstered chairs with oak arm rests and legs, like you’d find in a doctor’s office waiting room. There was a mini fridge in the corner and a 12” analog television, complete with bunny ears, and a small DVD player attached to it sitting on […]

Jack Piri

Stories: Jack Phiri

Jack Phiri according to me. Upon meeting him you get the sense that every wrinkle on Jack’s face tells a story. His life must have been an interesting one. How he ended up here, with us, is a mystery. Sometimes you don’t need to know every detail to know a person; their face says it all. His eyes are always filled with compassion (I guess after having ten children in one of the poorest places on earth you might learn a thing or two about compassion). His clothes are mismatched, old and worn, but he brings such dignity to them […]

Post-Dated Three Weeks Ago…How Do I Still Have Doubt?

I’ve seen the vision and witnessed the provision and faithfulness of God, yet I still doubt. How is it possible to still have doubt? Unfortunately, I believe this is the nature of man. Why do we continue to go to church week after week? Yes, obedience is part of it, but another part is that it is so easy to forget. If truth could be placed efficiently in our minds, life would be easy, but it can’t be. Truth has to be beaten, molded, and shaped in us until it’s no longer possible to get it out. Israel, God’s chosen […]