Post-Dated Three Weeks Ago…How Do I Still Have Doubt?

I’ve seen the vision and witnessed the provision and faithfulness of God, yet I still doubt. How is it possible to still have doubt? Unfortunately, I believe this is the nature of man. Why do we continue to go to church week after week? Yes, obedience is part of it, but another part is that it is so easy to forget. If truth could be placed efficiently in our minds, life would be easy, but it can’t be. Truth has to be beaten, molded, and shaped in us until it’s no longer possible to get it out. Israel, God’s chosen […]


The Difficult First Year

The most difficult thing about this first year in missions has been… well let’s get to that in a minute. On any given day we might meet someone and witness to them, they might pray with us, or even come to church. Those are exciting days; the instant results of the work. It reminds me of when I used to cut grass for a living. There was nothing more satisfying than looking out over a finished lawn, seeing the perfectly cut grass and trimmed edges. There is only one problem: people are not really instant projects. Instantly, there might be […]

Created to be Formed

These days have been filled with deep unveilings, unveilings of deep-rooted selfish tendencies, distorted frames of reference, judgmental attitudes, deep-seated fears, and the overall ugliness of depravity. If we are all honest, these days are universal, and I think they are what we spend the vast majority of our lives trying to avoid. We don’t want our true nature to be exposed. We don’t want people to find out who we really are behind closed doors and in the deep recesses of our secret mind. So, we set out to ensure it is never exposed, and we tell ourselves, “I’m […]

Everyday Faith

This thought of poverty has been on my mind lately. I have never seen poverty this vast. Even in my travels to South America and Asia nothing compares. I don’t think anyone would argue that poverty should be, where possible, removed from existence, but how that happens another story. While having lunch with some guys from the church the other day an interesting question came up. Can you diminish poverty in society without at the same time diminishing the relevance of God? As I thought about it, staying poor seemed like the best answer, but not the way you might […]

Where There Is Gratefulness There Is Not Always Thankfulness

It’s Thanksgiving Day, and I’ll admit I’m not a very thankful person, but I’ll also say I think I’m a grateful person. In thinking about the holiday today, I realized a few things about thankfulness. A grateful person is appreciating some benefit given to them. That’s out of the dictionary, not me. Christmas Day is full of grateful people who are not at all thankful. The world is full of grateful people. I’ve visited countries around the world, wealthy and poor, and one thing remains the same: give a gift, a smile, or maybe a little money and I think […]